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Private Tutoring Near Pasadena

A picture of the president of Catalyst Educational Support

Jonathan Vince
President of CES

Most of your child’s school hours are spent in a classroom, surrounded by other students who do not share their strengths or needs. This is why we are proud to offer personalized private tutoring sessions that allow students to explore their problem areas, while enhancing their strengths. We do not want your child to feel the pressure of having other students around when they find a particular concept challenging. Rather, your child should feel comfortable sharing his or her needs, and the tutor’s full attention should be focused only on your child and on helping them maximize their potential.

We understand that your time is valuable, and having to travel back and forth from tutoring centers can interrupt your busy schedule. Our private tutors travel to your home, so as to cause minimal interruption and allow your child to study in a comfortable atmosphere with all of their resources available to them. However, to respect everyone’s privacy, we are also available to meet at your local library!

We can work with you to set up a private tutoring plan that will fit your child’s schedule and provide them with the tools to succeed.

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